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Published 19 July 2023 at 19:44 by task

Welcome to the Revival Archive!

We’ve began migrating revivals from our Discord to the Archive!

Up until the date of this blog post, there are about 70 revivals and about 30+ defunct revivals in our Discord server. Not all of these revivals meet the requirements for the Revival Archive, so about half of those revivals will be gone.

In a span of a week or so, the archive should have all the revivals migrated from the Discord + reviews.

What’s been happening in the past few weeks?

RBXGS Binaries

RBXGS binaries dating from early November 2007 to early March 2008 were found.
These binaries were used back then to host game servers and render thumbnails. In addition to these binaries, debug symbols were included which have line numbers, function names, full class structs and global variable names.

You can download these binaries at https://archive.org/details/rbxgssetup.


A popular revival named Austiblox (previous domain: austiblox.net) suddenly went defunct due to internal and community problems.

Going to their website read:

Austiblox has been closed until further notice due to the community being terrible.

If we come back, everything will be wiped.

Probably wont tho.

Thank you for playing!

We ran for two years! What an accomplishment!

In addition to these internal and community problems - IPs and even emails of 300 users were leaked! (if you were part of the 300, Austiblox have apparently sent you an email.)

However, it seems like the owners have retconned this and decided to not take Austiblox down. Going to http://austiverse.com/notice as of this blog post reads:

Austiblox has been closed until further notice due to a site and client revamp.

We are no longer dead. Expect more from us soon.

If you thought the owners couldn’t change more things, you’re in for a surprise. They’ve now renamed Austiblox to Rewinder and moved their website to https://rewinder.fun.
Their Discord seems to remain active as they work on their “site and client revamp”.

That seems like all for now! Thanks for reading.

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