Revival Archive

a Mercury project

Welcome to the Revival Archive, a website dedicated to keeping track of active/defunct old Roblox private servers.

Check out our blog posts, reviews and most importantly, the revival index.

What is a “revival”?

A “revival” or a private server aims to recreate or bring back the experience of Roblox up to 15 years ago.
These use specific clients, depending on what year they would like to focus on (e.g. 2014). Almost all revivals have a website where the user can socialize with other members of the community, etc. Typically, Discord is favoured in terms of communication but some revivals can have an active forum.

How can I join a revival?

You can easily find a revival perfect for you on the Revival Archive!

I have my own revival, how can I put it on the Revival Archive?

You can go ahead and join our Discord server - there you can request for your/somebody else’s revival to be added to the archive!

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