The Revival Archive is dedicated to keeping track of active and defunct old Roblox private servers.

We also review revivals on specific features such as:

  • Website
    • This rating is influenced by how good the revival website is - function, form and features.
  • Community
    • This rating is influenced by the activity of the community and the behaviour (including administrators.)
  • Client
    • This rating is influenced by the activity of exploits, features (toolbox, etc), and ease of access (downloading, joining servers)
  • Overall
    • This rating is a conclusion of all the previous ratings and this rating will be the one shown in the index.

We have a blog post where we go over recent events in the community (such as popular revivals going defunct, upcoming revivals, etc).

Revivals can also be featured in the Revival Of The Month, a special place where one revival is, in our opinion - the best revival for users to join at the moment. There can’t be more than one Revival Of The Month obviously, so we also have a featured section where we recommend other good revivals. Additionally, if you own a revival, you can request to be on the featured section!

We do not provide any revival clients for security reasons.

We are not affiliated with Roblox Corporation.

Requirements for submitting a revival to the Archive

The revival must:

  • Have at least 100 members
    • More than half should be active
  • Have a client
  • Have a website (some revivals are launcher based, if your revival fits into this it will be an exception)

Requirements for being featured

Including minimum requirements, the revival must:

  • Be rated above 4 stars conistently
  • Have at least 200 members
    • More than half should be active

Requirements for being Revival Of The Month

Including featured requirements, the revival must:

  • Have at least 300 members
    • Majority should be active
  • Client & community ratings should be high